One word:  Deploy.

As Fiducia, our mission is to deploy Christ followers into missional living across Southern California and Florida’s Space Coast.

What would happen if every Christ follower began living out their true identity and following the greatest commandment? Jesus was a genius. He said it very simply: “Love God with everything you have, and love your neighbor as yourself.” All of the commands of God can be summed up with in those two. What if we took this command to love our neighbor literally? We believe our block, city, and nation would change as we know it!

Fiducia has a vision to help Christians make this command become real and then deploy them back into their own neighborhoods.  We do this through a system of consulting, coaching, and training. Much of the equipping will be in both group classroom setting and in a 1-1 coaching environment. After going through fiducia training, Christians will have all the tools necessary to live as a blessing and on mission wherever their neighborhood is. You can work with Fiducia as a church, a missional small group, or as individuals.

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The Team

A little about Matt //

Matt is former Area Vice President for Apartment Life in Southern California. He has a huge desire to see God’s Kingdom move through neighborhoods. Starting Fiducia was given to Matt through a dream in early 2013.  Immediately the dream was realized to be from the Lord and the planning of Fiducia began. Matt’s real estate background has given him a passion for neighborhoods and the diversity they bring.  Matt and his wife Jourdan have three children, Judah, Kellar, and Josie. They live in Satellite Beach, Florida.

 A little about Jourdan //

Jourdan has had a passion for and worked in Youth Ministry over the last 15 years. She got her BA from Azusa Pacific University in Youth Ministries and Christian Ministries.  Recently however, the Lord has been showing her a bigger passion for seeing her neighbors specifically join in the Kingdom of Jesus.  Her heart started breaking for those living around her and felt called and led to join in the work He is doing through her husband Matt.  Jourdan is excited to see how Fiducia can impact communities in Southern California and on the Space Coast. Email – or call 949.887.0753

Dream with us for a moment… What could happen if Christians all across America took the Great Commandment literally? What if we, the Church, were sent on mission to display our love for God and our love for our actual neighbors?

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