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Two weeks ago I asked the question – Where did evangelism go? Quite a few of you responded by adding a comment to the blog, emailing, or tweeting back to me. I wanted to take a minute and address this issue that, I believe, is crippling the American Church today. But before we can understand…


Evangelism has quietly left the church (but it’s still in the building). Long ago Christians went door to door to pray for their neighbors. We boldly shared our faith in the workplace, schools, and in social environments. But, somewhere along the way our method of introducing Christ to our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and classmates shifted…

living water

If you knew someone was starving of hunger and you had food would you give it to them? Or try this: If you knew someone was dying of thirst and you had a bottle of water would you give them a drink? Most likely you would, right? If you had an extra water and you…


I can’t stand my neighbor. Have you ever thought these words? Or dare I ask…Have you said these words before? You may not be alone. So as a Christian, is it okay to not like my neighbor? “All we hear from Fiducia ministry is that we should love our neighbors… but what about when our…

When you think about the word evangelism, what comes to mind? Is it the guy holding a sign on the street corner? The evangelist at the stadium crusade? Or how about a Christian walking an unbeliever through the 4 spiritual laws or Roman’s road? Typically, when we think of evangelism we think about the Gospel…


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