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Fiducia helps equip the everyday American Christian to a place of missional living and disciple making.  We provide missional ministry coaching and training for those aiming at impact.  

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Jesus was in a small group, wasn’t he? It was basically him and 12 other dudes that wondered the towns together, studied together, and partied together. He shared life and relationship intimately with these other guys as they traveled from place to place. But they didn’t stay together forever. In fact, they all scattered into…


The writer of Hebrews says that we should spur one another on to good works. This means as we gather in groups, we should help one another in our faith journeys, and part of that faith journey is disciple making and mission. But how do we actually do it?  That’s the question that so many…

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Last night some neighbors gathered in our living room to eat, pray, and study the Scriptures together. One neighbor shared how their spouse has recently discovered tumors and the cancer is spreading. It’s tragic. This morning we woke up to hear how a gunman unleashed on a concert crowd in Las Vegas. One man decided…

  Imagine yourself standing in front of the church congregation on Sunday morning ready to give a motivating sermon.  As you look to the seats, you see smiling faces across the room and realize how that God is about to prepare his people for a new work.  You are about to communicate this message to them…

JOIN US FOR NEDTalks 2017! The view of the Church has shifted in the world around us. We’ve invited some of the most prolific speakers to join us for 15-minute, rapid-fire Neighbor Engagement Discussions around reaching our culture. These dynamic local Neighbor practitioners will be sharing secrets to practically living out the Great Commandment where…


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