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We look forward to celebrating Jesus’ resurrection this Easter. That fact that he was dead and came back alive. This Gospel is the anchor to the Christian faith. Similarly, we can and should also celebrate the “coming alive” of his Church today as well. A pandemic, a corrupted culture, and a growing God-less generation have…


Another pandemic is coming. We’ve now experienced a way of life that no one saw coming. A few months ago I would have scoffed at you if you claimed we’d be locked in our homes for weeks, thousands around us will die, and our economy and world as we know it will be completely different. It would sound…

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“In order to reach every type of person, we must mobilize every type of Christian.” – Brian Sanders, author of Microchurches Imagine yourself standing in front of the church congregation on Sunday morning ready to give a motivating sermon. As you look to the seats, you see smiling faces across the room and realize how…

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How do you respond when life gets really hard? Do you look for an escape route, or do you face it head on? Recently, my family and I realized that we’d be faced with these questions ourselves. That is, questions about how to respond when tragedy strikes. There are many ways to respond to the…


How often do you hear or say the words, “I’m going to church?” It’s a pretty common saying in our everyday Christian language, “to go to church” – Wouldn’t you agree? Is it correct to say this? And does it even matter? I think you’ll be surprised at my answer…   Our communication language is…


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