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LEAP Leader Training

Life Group or Small Group leader training that coaches leaders how to shepherd their groups toward mission.  READ MORE BELOW….

Product Description

Derived from Luke 10, LEAP is a leadership development process to help the everyday Life Group Bible study begin transitioning to a group on mission.  Whether you are desiring an entire group on mission together as community or individual participants each on their own journey, LEAP will guide your group to begin living with intention.

LEAP is an acronym for Language, Equip, Assess, and Pursuit.  These are the components every life group should embrace to transition from Life Group to Life on Mission.

There are a number of great things that come from Life Groups including connection with God through community.  Often mission can be missed, especially when it comes to ongoing intentionality.  LEAP will help life groups become the vehicle for mission and discipleship by shifting the culture of the group by equipping the everyday Christian to live like on mission.  LEAP is not a program, it’s a leadership training process.

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For live workshop style training, email us info@fiduciacommunity.com for pricing


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