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There’s a lot to be said for starting something whether it be a business, hobby, church, or ministry. All require crazy amounts of time, finances, commitment, and prayer, but the one that seems to be left out most often is faith.

It takes faith to launch into the unknown. It takes faith to go where no one else has been. It takes faith to ask others to follow you to a place undiscovered.

Fiducia is the latin word for a trust or faith so strong that it actually moves a person to action. One could compare this type of faith to the man who discovers treasure, buries it in a field, and sells everything he has to purchase the field. His faith tells him to sell all of his possessions (action) because his trust (fiducia) is knowing where the treasure is.

We Christ-followers have something of much greater value than financial treasure. We have Jesus. When we truly know the King for Who He is and what He’s done for us, our trust in Him should never be compromised. Not only should it lead all areas of our lives to worship (family, finances, Sunday gatherings, etc) but it should lead us into an act of motion response. Action, that is.

Simply put, Fiducia is “faith in motion.” Our ministry exists to help followers of Jesus find this type of faith so that it compels them to tell the world. It’s our mission to deploy Christ followers into missional living so that the Kingdom would be experienced in everyday life by those outside the faith. We’ve been given a new identity (Col 3:3) and have been sent into the world as His witnesses.(Luke 24:48).

I must say it’s not easy selling all of our treasure and going “all in” with this adventure, but my faith tells me that we must. His mission is much greater than my comfort. Lord give us Fiducia faith.


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